No steak changed since 1949.


Steakhouse Piet de Leeuw

The story

“Hey Amsterdam. They say you have changed.
Hey Amsterdam. You can’t do any good anymore.
But anyone who says that is not an Amsterdammer.
Because Amsterdam, you are just like you were then”.

© Drukwerk

Although for that real Amsterdam, you have to search better and better. While you are addressed in English in many restaurants in Mokum these days, there are still a few places where Amsterdam is still truly Amsterdam. Where the laws and rules of the city government do not apply. Where Amsterdammers can still just be Amsterdammers.

Where the waiter still thirsted to say that there is no room for you, but your wife can stay. Where everyone is most welcome. Provided that grandstanding is left outside and you close the door behind you. Where they come from far and wide to taste the real Amsterdam. And don’t you like it? Then you go next door anyway!

Because here the food is just good. Here it is just nice. Just good craft. Nothing more. Nothing less. Enjoy an ice-cold whistle, a tender horse steak and the myriad of typical Amsterdam comments served to you adroitly by the service on the just-so-cramped wooden furniture. And be honest. That’s all Amsterdammers need! At least not the famous and less famous Amsterdammers in the picture frames on the wall….

Illustration Piet de Leeuw 01 steaks
Beer Pump Steakhouse Piet de Leeuw Amsterdam IMG 5362

The setting best describes itself as a mix between a brown pub in the 1970s and the feel of an Amsterdam living room in the same era. Do you think it’s perfectly decorated? Feel free to take a picture for your Instagram, but without haste, because in 50 years you can still make it exactly like this here. Our mishmash of relevant and not so relevant collectibles, that’s coziness, isn’t it! For Amsterdam residents and anyone else who feels connected to our 3 crosses, this just feels like coming home. Another will be an experience richer and probably talk about it for years to come.

And in 10 years? Then still no steak has changed here. Can you enjoy those same well-prepared and well-priced steaks. Still serve these with a big bowl of fries and an extra thick blob of full-bodied mayo. Sound the same Jordanian greats from the speakers. Is a steak medium red still really medium red. And you get that old-fashioned, genuine attention from the service every time. Probably among the same guests, with the same service.

This is the living room that always reminds us of the good old teit….
The Teit of Quality. In all that we do.

Piet de Leeuw.
No steak changed since 1949.

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